r-evolutionary: hey, love your clothing, where can i get one of those GREED tee shirts that you have got pictures of on here?

We will be restocking soon (www.sinforcalais.com) so keep an eye on our tumblr and twitter pages @CXLXIS for further updates. Who knows the ‘Greed tee’ might be making a special appearance.


Order now at www.sinforcalais.com before it is too late!


All clothing on www.sinforcalais.com is now available for your purchase!

Now fully stocked

All items on www.sinforcalais.com are now re-stocked. Go get your ‘Sin for Calais’ gear now!!

simonsaysbye: On the site it says all the tees are sold out, Is that true or?

Yeah its true but we’re restocking very, very soon. Follow @CXLXIS on twitter for more info.

homme-not-homie: are you going to restock the "SIN" jersey eventually?

Yeah we’re re-stocking very, very soon. Follow @CXLXIS on twitter for more info.

Anonymous: When is the greed tee dropping

That information is classified… coming soon…maybe.

Anonymous: Do you send your clothes out for people to promote them ?

Yeah, if we feel like you have that trill ‘Sin for Calais’ vibe.